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When we started this creative method of reaching people—some honest people, who had been with us in actual team ministry, asked this honest and troubling question:

“We are willing to try, but will this be effective—will it work?”

It’s a fair and honest question from our MGI family which we respect. But, since that time we have had so many Ukrainians who have indicated a real encounter with Christ.

Moses led the people to the brink of the Red Sea—with the army of Pharaoh coming after them in chariots and charging horses. They must have desperately screamed out—

What’s going to happen now!

In fact, some concluded, “We are as good as dead!” (Exodus 12:33), and many people felt the pandemic had killed our opportunity of reaching people, that it was “over”! — We came to the brink—and God opened a way when it seemed there was no way! Lives were touched and transformed—let’s provide an example of that very thing. Read and rejoice.

If You Ever Wonder: “Does my involvement really touch the lives of people significantly?” here is an example, and there are more than we can count. THE STORY OF JOANNA After her experience of salvation, this young woman briefly told me her story. Allow me to share it with you. She is highly intelligent and had graduated with honors from a leading Eastern European university. She had majored in some field of chemistry. She had already been accepted for a PhD. Joanna was about 26 or so, but she was unmarried, although she’d had romances and been sexually active. She admitted all this to me openly. Her religious background was Catholic, although she seldom attended Mass. When she went to church, it was to sit alone and think and, in some sort of way, to pray. When we came into her area, she decided to attend to learn better English and to be with Americans. For the first time she heard the clear gospel and was, in her words, “powerfully drawn to the idea of God’s forgive-ness and knowing Him personally.” She responded to the first full evangelistic sermon she had ever heard. She said that she was amazed that someone could talk about Jesus without looking at a written script. Opening her heart to God, she shared her story and before she went away, handed me this simple, sincere note in an envelope. Joanna is just like some of the people you will meet.

Also, remember the question that was asked by Nathaniel, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46) People have asked, “Can any good thing come out of COVID-19?” Yes, we have reached people who could never actually attend a live event! Particularly young women at home with children. Also, places, towns, and villages where we have never been—we reached people there! (places too small for one of our teams to go and do fact-to-face ministry)

So, if you have ever asked the question and had doubts about this creative method, there is a real answer. Philip said to the question Nathaniel asked, “Just come and see for yourself.” When Nathaniel then said he now believed, Jesus said, “You will see greater proofs than this. You will even see heaven open …” (verses 50-51) What an amazing statement that is!

And that’s what we look forward to seeing, heaven open and hearts open!


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