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At this Christmas it is our prayer that all who live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture and who desire to be guided by the Holy Spirit will be united in the coming year to stress the primacy of evangelism.

The true Christmas spirit is that we have a Savior who alone can change human hearts. So, together as one we must not stop short of being like the shepherds on that first Christmas.

We must go to the people and astonish them with our confidence that the One that God promised has come! Like they, let us tell the Good News joyfully.

Unfortunately, most at Christmas confuse the purpose of the celebration; it’s not to give to each other only—it’s to give to Him. Anything less, even at this joy-filled season, is a grave distortion of the real message of Jesus coming to the world. You know that as do we!

Wise men still give gifts to Him! At Christmas 2021, we should lay our gifts before the Lord Jesus at Christmas as they did long ago.

Let us remember, really there was only one Christmas—all the rest are anniversaries of that single special day over 2,000 years ago!

The event of Christmas—is fact!

The warmth of Christmas—is love!

The light of Christmas—is hope!

The message of Christmas—is salvation!

The celebration at Christmas—is joy!

The all of Christmas—is Jesus!

Let the Good News be proclaimed and published far and wide

in our weary world through us.

“Come let us adore Him!”

We all remember, no one can celebrate Christmas until they look up into the Father’s face and say in humble gratitude, “Thank You, I have received Your Christmas gift into my heart.”

Michael and Jan


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